June 2010

1/2 way through the season

Today was game 73 of the minor league season. A little over half way done with the season. We faced Chapman and Volquez. They were throwing fuego, but the Hen’s held there own and put up a couple runs early. We ended up losing 7-4.

Today is also the last day to vote for your AAA All-Stars. So click on the link and vote for the Mudhens. This year we are unable to go home to see our families during the break due to some scheduling conflicts with our management.


Larry Parrish is one win away from being the winningest Mudhen manager. Hopefully we can celebrate with him tonight with a win in Indianapolis.

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Back to the Real World

After 16 of 20 days on the road, Ruddy Lugo found it cool to get a virus on my computer and crash my hard drive. And if you know me well I don’t do well without my computer. Just kidding, but it does get me through the day in the clubhouse prior to the games.

We have been back at home for the past 8 days having played Rochester and now Norfolk. The team has also seen some new faces join us. Billy Buckner, Brendan Wise, Wilkin Ramirez, Matt Hoffman and Jon Weber have all suited up for the Hens. During this span at home myself along with Rainwater and Weinhardt were able to give back to the community in Northwest Ohio at the Miracle league baseball game. CLICK THE LINK HERE TO SEE MORE

Be sure to get your votes in for the AAA All-Star game in Lehigh Valley. Some of our players are leading in the fan vote and need all the help they can get to represent the 419 out in PA.

Click Here to Vote for the ALL Star Game

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Where were you on Draft Day?

Today is Christmas for all amateur baseball players around the country. I remember in 2004 leaving the NCAA Kinston regional after going two and out against UNC Wilmington we headed back to Knoxville on Sunday night. Monday morning was the draft. I hung out with Patrick Hicklen at Chili’s waiting on a call from area scouts to see when we were getting drafted. On that day the Oakland A’s selected me in the 13th round, pick number 397.

During BP today I talked to many of my teammates asking them what they remembered about their draft day.

Pitching coach AJ Sager was 23 playing golf when he got a call from the San Diego Padres. Five days later he joined the Spokane Indians.

Brendan Wise was at the dentist with his high school coach. His father called him and asked why he wasn’t drafted yet, and as he hung up the phone the Tigers called through.

Josh Rainwater was playing MVP baseball on Xbox at home in Louisiana. He had a draft party with friends and family and was selected in the 4th round.

Casey Fien had a party as well, but didn’t get the result he wanted. His friends stuck around through the first 15 rounds, but then scattered after that. He was eventually drafted in the 20th round. Although he wasn’t drafted where he would have liked to be, he made it to the big leagues and has done extremely well in the minors.

Larry Parrish, our manager, remembers having an area scout from Louisiana in a three-piece suit come to his house and push the idea of the Montreal Expos being a new franchise team with stern rules to their team. His father told him to go ahead and sign with them.

Best of luck to all my friends who are planning to get drafted. Get out there, sign, and start your playing clock. Your age is your biggest factor in this sport.

Perfectly Screwed Over

Congrats to Armando on throwing a perfect game!
THE CALL. It won’t affect the outcome of the game, rather it gives
credit to a feat that by all measures is one of the toughest things to
do in sports. The guy deserves to have a perfect game to his credit.
Nothing has ever been done like this before, but that’s because nothing
like this has ever happened before. The Tigers win the game no matter
what the call is and I suspect Jason Donald won’t cry too much to have a
hit taken away. Armando deserves to have his name in the books and
not have people say, “Well, he threw one, but it didn’t count.” That’s
crap. Not to mention the kid has been as classy as humanly possible. Perfect game means
perfect–including umpiring.

Joyce admitted his mistake and apologized to Galarraga. Please direct
your hatred to the real culprit, Bud Selig. Replay would have easily
fixed this call. Selig is behind on issues including replay, revenue
sharing, steroids, and speeding up games.

Hens have had a crazy road trip, being in Syracuse and Buffalo for 9 days, come home to play 4 including a 1030am kids day game, now back on the road to Rochester and Lehigh Valley. Bats are heating up and we have been winning some good games. Just have to keep pitching and keeping the ball down in the zone. Location, location, location. The term never gets old as you play this game at the higher levels. 

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