July 2010

Drug Testing and the Lack of the Minor League Union

This past week Bud Selig and the MLB announced that the minor leagues would be testing for HGH by taking a blood sample from players to be included into the drug testing system. I wonder if the MLB is spending more money on drug testing than they are on minor league players salaries. I agree that the game should be clean and this is a great way to move forward, but something needs to be done to improve the salaries of the minor leagues.

I know the revenue of minor league ball can not compare to the big leagues, but attendance and merchandise sales have done extremely well over the past seven years in the minors. Maybe a percentage of sales can go into a pot and spread out per player. Or better yet, a percentage of every big league salary can be brought into the minor leagues budget.

The Minor Leagues do not have a players union where we can ask or stand up for ourselves in certain instances. By no means am I complaining about my job, but I feel that we are professional athletes one phone call away from being in the “show” and our salaries vary from 2k a month to 2k a day. Most big leaguers have spent some time in the minor leagues and have been on the long bus trips (broken down buses too), the non-stop PB and J sandwiches, and seen the zooperstars a trillion times. They need to say something to help us out or push for some kind of union/player rep program for us.

Sorry for all the jibba jabber about that. Its just frustrating sometimes to see how different things are in the minors yet we are so close to the majors.

The Mudhens had a nice sweep at home of the Buffalo Bison. Mike Hessman, the “king” of Toledo made his first visit back to Toledo and received a grand ovation for what he has done in his previous seasons for the Hens. Also Frazier, Diaz, Leon, Dlugach, and myself are the only remaining Hens from the opening day roster.

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Blah Blah Blah

So today Apple offered free bumper cases to their consumers of the new Iphone which loses bars of reception when held to the ear. Nice device  lol..

The all-star break has come and gone. The three days off were well needed. We went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I think I have come to the realization that I have outgrown theme parks. I don’t have the patience anymore to wait in lines in the blistering hot sun on my off day for a 17 second thrill ride. Although I am a sucker for throwing rings onto the coke bottles and trying to knock down the milk bottles with a bean bag. And of course people watching can be very entertaining at those places.

We are currently in Scranton, PA, home of the TV series “the office” and movie Kingpin, which is one of my favorites. Nothing like getting “Munson’d”.

Armando Galaragga joins us tonight for a spot start. I’m wondering if he drove his Corvette here that was given to him for the “almost perfect” game. I also heard a rumor that he signed a licensing deal that only allows him to sign the famous “safe call” picture with his autograph and “almost perfect”. Pretty good marketing idea from his agent or whoever if that is true. I’ll have to find out if that is true.

Off to Pawtucket after a four game series here.

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We made history for the good and the bad

Well the Mudhens had an interesting past 2 weeks. We get Rick Porcello from the big league club and throws a gem for us in Louisville. Then after that we fell apart. Our manager was one win short of becoming the winningest manager in Mudhen’s history and we made a record of our own by losing 11 straight games. We finally broke that streak and got LP his win in Columbus the other night. It felt good for the entire team to get over that bump in the road. Losing that many in a row was tough especially in baseball. Normally you can sneak a win in their somehow.

We are currently in Louisville for 2 games and then head home for 2 before enjoying the all star break. I’m getting a spot start tomorrow to help give some of our staff and breather and for the big league club to line up their starters for the 2nd half.

Congrats to the Miami Heat for resigning Dwade and gettting Chris Bosh. Tonight we will have King James as well.

I always appreciate the comments and suggestions. Feel free to comment below or ask any questions.
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The Free Agent Clock has started

From the title of the article I’m talking about the NBA. I’m just hoping my beloved Miami Heat end up landing some of the best out there to win with Dwayne Wade. Lets go Pat Riley. Put together the dream team.

The month of June has come to an end and the Mudhens needed it. Our pitching staff struggled for the most part, especially myself. We all just need to refine our mechanics and execute our pitches more effectively and with conviction. Larry Parrish is one win away from becoming the winningest manager in Mudhens history and we are currently on a 7 game losing skid. The gifts and champagne are going old sitting in the locker room. We need to get the W for him, and then move on with the rest of the season to head to the playoffs.

Congrats to Jay Sborz and Jeff Frazier for being selected to the AAA All Star game in Lehigh Valley, PA. The game is on July 14th and will be broadcasted on the MLB network.

Thanks for all the comments and support. I really appreciate it all.

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