September 2010

This offseason is here, but what to do?

Following the Mudhens season I stayed in Toledo for a couple days before I headed down to Columbus, Ohio for the Hurricanes vs Buckeyes game. The atmosphere of the “Horseshoe” was something else and I have to give it to the Cbus fans, they know how to tailgate. A lot of friendly buckeye fans out there. The ‘Canes appreciate the hospitality. Everyone told me it was going to be the loudest stadium I have ever been to. It didn’t compare to the Swamp or Neyland. Those two places are much louder.

Made the 18 hour track home to Miami on Sunday following the game and now I’m bored. Don’t get me wrong. The off season is very important to relax, visit with family and friends, and prepare for next season. But when you go from having a day in and day out schedule to not much it gets pretty dull.

Im going to start posting pictures of sites and scenes on here from Miami to give you all a little taste. I hope everyone is having a good Fall. I’ll also keep you posted on possible winterball plans. Still trying to find a place to go.

Seasons come and Seasons go

As I wrap up the final blog for the season, I just want to take the time
and personally thank everyone for following me on twitter, posting
comments and questions, and for reading the blog. I had a great time
doing it and learned a lot from my supporters. I hope to continue
blogging into the off season and winter ball.

Although this was not my best season by any means I am very appreciative
of the Detroit Tigers and staff for sticking with me and giving me the
opportunity to be a part of the organization for the past three seasons.
The entire front office staff and on-the-field personnel was very first
class. After this season I become a free agent and can sign with any

I hope to play winter ball this off season. Still working on the details with my agent. I will keep you all posted. 

The Mudhens are wrapping up our last 7 games. We have had many
transactions this year and have a brand new team. The last time I looked
we had 124 transactions through 125 games. Some have been making jokes
around the locker room that we are the Toledo “Seawolves”. Only Diaz,
Leon, Streiby, and myself are the only Hens’ from the original opening
day roster that haven’t moved anywhere. Congratulations to Max St Pierre
on his first call up. After 14 seasons in minor league ball he got the
call. Very well deserved and a great teammate. I wish the best to him
and his family.