November 2010

Sleepover in the parking lot, pop culture, and news

First of all Movember has come to an end. I want to thank everyone that donated and help spread the word. My team and I raised just about $4300. 100% of the money goes to charity. It was tough to pull off the mustache for an entire month. Living in Miami Beach and trying to get into a swank restaurant or bar can be difficult with a caterpillar on your upper lip. Some doorman stare at you and think you are a delivery man and need to use the back door.

As some of you may have heard via my twitter, former Tiger Alexis Gomez was in a serious car accident in the Dominican a couple days ago. He is having surgery and hopefully has a speedy recovery. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Alexis was my teammate in the Dominican for Licey as well. Click Here for the Story

Still waiting on news about other winter leagues and free agent signings. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, black friday, and cyber monday.

Random news

Thanks a lot to Ben Hill for writing a great article that landed on the front page of MILB Click Here

Miami Heat are making their own bar tab, but not in a good way   Click Here is currently down. We are possibly going to revamp it. I will keep you all posted.
Too bad we couldn’t have started “”, google is buying them for about 6 Billion.

I slept outside of a shoe store the other night to try to get a pair of the Nike 6.0 Delorean
This is what my off-season consists of. Buying rare shoes and keeping, trading, or selling them. Ebay is also my 9 to 5 job.

Who will be the next Miami Hurricanes coach? Who will be the next Miami Heat coach?

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Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

As the holidays are upon us, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Living in Aventura, Florida can be a nightmare during the holiday season. When people outside of Florida know the city I live in only because its “Amazing” mall you know I’m in trouble. From the snowbirds who come down to vacation, to the mall traffic, it is nearly impossible to leave my house to get anything done. I try to avoid the mall at all costs. The only way I end up there is if my mother calls me and tells me there is some crazy sale for me to pick her up some Keurig K Cups of coffee. Shes addicted to them.

The line at Best Buy has already started here for Black Friday. Are deals really that good this year to be waiting outside 4 days before the sale? Does anyone have any good black friday stories? I think I enjoy the Cyber monday deals better, no lines and no sales tax.

Please check out the article Ben Hill wrote about me Ben Hill’s MILB Article

Thanks a lot for the support and have a happy thanksgiving

Kix of the Day: Nike SB Delorean Back to the Future

Adios DR, Bienvenido a Miami

Well my time in the Dominican was a short one. I only ended up throwing 1.1 innings down there. Our team started to struggle early and there was a lot of pressure from the brass up top, so they were going with their local guys they have had in the past. There were no hard feelings at all, just being in the right place at the wrong time. I need to get out and pitch to show teams what I can do for next season. Our manager Dave Clarke understood where I was coming from and wished me the best. Now that free agency has started I’m trying to get a job, just as most of my friends are as well.

Licey was a great experience and I loved it down there. I hope to go back to the DR to play again in the future. For now there is a chance I may head to Venezuela shortly to play down there. I will keep you all posted via twitter and my blog about those details.

Not much going on in Miami right now. Just staying in shape by going to the gym and working out at local high schools and colleges. Remember it is Movember. Im growing out a mustache along with many other friends and followers to help support cancer that affects men. I may look like a pedophile for a month but all the money raised goes to a great cause. Here is the link to join our team or to make a donation Movember. You can follow the progress of my molest-ache too there. Any donation goes a long way. Thank you for your support.

I’ve been forgetting to post the Shoe of the Day. I did it during the season and stopped for some reason. As you all know I am the co-founder of, and I’m a shoe nut. What do you think about these?

Kix of the Day:  Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy

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Licey Feliz Cumpleaos

This past week has been like deja vu from the mudhens season. Of course in Toledo without the the rice and beans, vuvuzuelas, and taxis running on propane gas tanks. The Licey Tigres have lost 6 consecutive games. In Toledo this past season we lost 11 in a row. And at that time we were one short of getting Larry Parrish his win to make him the winningest manager in Mudhens history. We need to change this losing streak real quick or some of us are going to be out of a winterball job.

Licey celebrated its 103 birthday today at the field. Like I have said in previous tweets/blog posts, this organization has a lot of history. There is a book going around the clubhouse this week that looks like a text book from my college psychology class. The book is HUGE! It has all the history of the Licey ball club. It contains records, stats, pictures and all the players that have played and managed here.

Here is a picture of the cake prior to the game Sunday.

Movember is here!

So my friends and I for the past two years have joined the website to raise money and awareness for cancer that affects men around the world. Along with donating to charity we all grow intricate mustaches for the month. We update photos online and share amongst friends via facebook and twitter.

Please join our team or donate here Scotty D’s Mustache Team. Any help is greatly appreciated and it all goes towards charity. You can also start up your own group and have friends and family join.

Day 4 of Movember

Licey is now 5-6. We have been pressing a little to get on a winning streak. Its still very early in the season, but its nice to win a lot of games in the beginning to lock down a playoff spot. Four of the six teams make the playoffs after the fifty game season. The four teams then play a round robin to go to the championship.

Here are some pictures from inside the clubhouse. As you can see they take pride in their accomplishments and gives you the feel of a Yankees type franchise they have here.




Pros and Cons of Winterball

A lot goes on on and off the field in winterball. I’m going to try to elaborate on the pros and cons of winterball from a quick survey from some of my teammates. I do not agree with all or some of these comments.

teammates, so much knowledge and experience
Bus Driver Shags during BP

Cold Showers
Propane Powered Taxis
4-5 Hour games
Being called Gringo, Blanco, Americano
Food, trying to order is nearly impossible, we never get what we asked for
Long road trips
Getting asked for balls all the time – baseball are like bullion of gold here

Day off today in the DR. Trying to avoid Chlorea and Tropical Storm Thomas. We have been playing ok. Our record is 5-4. Like any team I’ve been on, it starts with pitching and defense. When we play solid D and get ground ball outs we put ourselves in a position to win.

So whos everyone pulling for in the WS? Leave your comments and questions and please retweet on twitter. Ill have videos and pictures throughout the week. Thanks for the support and following me.