Goodbye Taiwan

It was a short fun journey! I just was released by the Lamigo Monkeys…..

– going to start packing now, its 1am Saturday night. I will keep everyone updated with the details and what happened.

thanks to all my friends, fans, and new fans in Asia. I hope to be back soon to play over here.

UPDATE: I will still do another blog about my last week in Taiwan, and will continue it during Winterball or wherever my next step in my baseball career takes me. I am very appreciative of all the comments and views of the blog. I never realized how many people took the time to read these entries. I am truly blessed to have all of your support. I wish everyone the best in life and please keep in touch


UPDATE Part 2: I have a PGO 125CC Scooter with no papers, but has a license plate and its NOT stolen. I need help selling it before I leave. I just installed a new engine from SYM and it runs smooth and fast. Just looking to get what I paid for it 8000NT or best offer. I hope that a local fan can tell their friends and help me sell it before I leave. Not the prettiest scooter, but runs great and is reliable.



I’ve been to your last start on Wednesday. I was fully enjoyed the game. Thank you!
Hope to see you soon🙂

Back to Taiwan for Lamigo next year.
Thank your fighting.

I’ll follow your blog in the future.

That’s make a deal! Come back to Taiwan next year, please. T_T

hope you would like to take another 15-hour flight to get here in the future. i believe it’s a tough decision to both the team and the fans.
Great thanks to your contribution to the Lamigo these days.
Goodbye Scot, and look forward to seeing you soon!

so sad i will miss you >”<

GOOD BYE ! We will miss you and your beards!

We all miss youQ Q
Hope you can come Taiwan again!!!
You are a nice pitcher!!!

I am a Lamigo fan who studies in the UK.

Sorry to hear such bad news. You are a great pitcher, no doubt! Although I am in the UK, I still watch a number of Lamigo’s videos through the Internet. Thank you for your efforts in these months.

I will be back to Taiwan next year. Hope you can go back to Lamigo as well.

Wish you the BEST LUCK, Scot! Taiwanese fans will miss you!

I am very sad to hear it, you’re a good pitcher, I remember I have seen your first game in Pingtung, your performance is amazing, and I cheered loudly for you.
I often read your blog, it is interesting to see Taiwan baseball through your views, foreign players not done this in the past, so the fans love you very much.
I believe you will pitch again soon, no matter in any place, I will continue to focus this blog, good luck.

Thanks for providing us a different angle to see baseball and other things in Taiwan in these days. Wish you a better stage!

Hey is bad news for me…for every your fans.
(I have watch your last game.)
Although its few month in Taiwan,but you make many wonderful show.
(Especially your face expression when pitching. ^^ )
So sorry about organization that your short journey. ,
Wish everything will be OK.
Welcome your visiting at anytime when you are free!

enjoy ur next baseball travel!
but still hope that someday we can see u on the ground of taiwan

You did a good job, thank you. Hope you have a nice experience in Taiwan.

Well, I’m sorry to hear the bad news, I really enjoyed reading the stories and insights of what its like over there for you guys. Here in the states its hard to get up to date info on the games and what not. I searched and searched for news about how Kennys doing, and I stumbled onto your blogs and it gave me a tiny look inside. I would check daily for any updates and comments just to try to gleem any info. I just want to say thanks for taking the time to put down some thoughts and sharing your pictures.

Keep up the good work, and keep your head up, and keep on writing.

Phoenix, AZ

You can find Kennys Stats here …hes doing very well, and the games are broadcasted over the internet. You can find the links in some of my earlier posts and in the comment sections.

Yeah, those previous links were very helpful, thanks. The broadcasted games are only valid for tiawan ip addresses though, but that starclanbaseball on youtube seems to at least have the most snippets. I found a funny one of Kenny dancing in the dugout mimicking the lamigo girls squad. Boy I can’t want to tease him about that when he gets back home. lol.

Take it easy, and like I said, thanks. 🙂

wish you come back next year



Welcome your visiting at anytime when you are free!

You guys are all Amazing!!!! I never expected to receive so many nice comments and support. I hope to come back to Taiwan in the future. My stay here was so welcoming and enjoyable. I will keep the blog updated to have a final post in Taiwan, and continue it in the future for my next baseball adventure.

Goodbye!! We’ll miss you!! Hope to see you next year!!

We’ll miss you!! Hope to see you next year!!

Thanks your contribution.

Thank you for your contribution to the Lamigo, many of fans love to see you on the field. It’s such a bad news …..really. Wherever you are, I believe that there are always a group of Lamigo fans to support you. Keep fighting!!!!

Goodbye Scott, we will miss you and hope you can join us in the next year. I will follow your blog in the future. Thanks for sharing different angle in Taiwan. Your blog is interesting!!

I’m so sad….T___T

Thank you for all of your contribution. You gave the Lamigo fans lots of fun. In the past, we could rarely realize how the foreign players think about their baseball life in Taiwan. By reading your blog posts, we know our baseball by the other side. It’s so good to have a great import like you in our team. Good bye!

you are a great pitcher!!!! it`s so sad to hear that……….let`s keep in contact whether FB or blog,………

Thank you! we’ll miss you a lot.
Hope to see you next year
Best wish

goodbye 😦

Im sorry to hear that..and i hope u can come back to taiwan next time..i thought the coach were made a hard choice to let you left lamigo..keep fighting!!
Maybe we can see you in MLB next time!!

I’m so sad to say goodbye to you,
I wll still support you,
Wish you join a better team in the future.
Thank you for your pitch ,hope can see you again in Taiwan.
Good Luck.

I will miss you…

Hope you can come back to play in Taiwan. T______T

I will miss u…


Hope you can play in MLB next few years . Lots of Lamigo’s fans love to see the way you play , and we all want to see you back to Taiwan . Never give up on baseball !! Hope to see your news soon . : )

Goodbye Scot Drucker i’ll miss you


Hey Drucker, thanks for your effor to keep Lamigo in a good position to fight with Lions….. hope you keep enjoy the baseball life….. cheers…..

Thank Drucker!
In recent years the contribution of Lamigo!
I hope you can return to Taiwan next year to continue to Lamigo to win it!!

goodbye drucker

i love u, and wish u can come back for Lomigo at next year.

Hi Scot. Well, who would have thought of it coming this fast? I’m real sorry for your leaving.

Here’s one suggestion: You might want to sell the PGO scooter to Mr. Shane Youman….? or other local foreigners who need instant mobility.

And the questions of course: Will you visit Taiwan again to simply travel around the island rather than do baseball business? Will you grow your hair or have your hair cut? Is there unforgettable fan act here in Taiwan (either fan of you or fan of others)? Last but not the least: What are you going to do next?

Man it’s a shame that I don’t have the chance to meet you in person and say hi. But, hey, keep up the good work, man. You’re always welcomed to this beautiful country, Taiwan.

Sorry one more question:
Why do you use extraordinarily large amount of powdered rosin on the mound? Since when did you develop such habit? Have you seen any other player use the same amount or even more of the powdered rosin than you do? Cheers.

Ill answer all your questions in my next blog….thx

Drucker! Come on! Hope to see you again mighty pitching side ~!
You Terrific! GOGOGO! Drucker Come on!

Sorry for hearing such a bad news…
Farewell…we will miss you~
Thanks for your play at Lamigo Monkeys.
Wish you can come back Taiwan next year.

Ah. That sucks. But look ahead. With a personality like yours, I have no doubt you will fit in fine whichever team you end up on next.

Dear Drucker.
I thinking you can Join Brother Elephants teams. How do you think that?^__^

I wish I could join another team, but unfortunately this league has a rule you can not join another team for 2 years once you have been released.

this rule sucks, sorry about that, i like you a lot

YES 等你升上MLB就像統一洋將一樣吧!!

I’m sorry taiwan CPBL has a lot bad rule…

I am so sorry about this bad news, you are a great pitcher tho. hope you will have a chance next time to come to work in Taiwan, try to join elephants or bulls next year, they are lack of starting pitcher

btw, please update any informations of your further moves. even those are not in taiwan will be good

I will keep you all posted through the blog and twitter thanks

Mr.Su Sucks

Mr. Hong is a chicken

this league of our country has many rules are unfashion
in fact i think ur leave maybe that is a good thing to you…


oh sad …
wish you get better and come back for us
see you next year🙂

ps: 請轉告Hammond也有很多球迷喜歡他請他繼續加油

Oh my god, I’m so sad to hear this bad news.
Me and my girlfriend are your big fan since you wrote your first blog (it is very interesting) in Taiwan. We’ve plan to go to see your game for about a month. Although you only came here for a short time, I personally think that you already become one of the most famous foreign player here. There are even a special series topic (about your blog) created in our bulletin board system called “moustache”.
Anyway, … thank you for these months, we will always supporting you wherever you are. If it is possible to come back again. Please, please, you know we are waiting for you! Go go Drucker!!

haha thats hilarious “mustache” What is the link to the bulletin board? Thanks for everything

ha here it is => telnet://
but it is full of chinese, and it can’t be linked directly through I.E.
It can only be linked through some different browser ex: kkman

once you successfully connected in, you still have to create a new account to log in. After that, you can find Lamigo’s board from this sequence..
Class -> 12 -> 4 (ptt baseball) -> 5 (Taiwan) -> 7 (lamigo) -> 1 (monkeys)
* use arrows on the keyboard to control
Some topics would include this word 鬍子 (mustache in Chinese) , these topics are all talking about you! (but in chinese ˊ口ˋ)

a lot of hidden fans are there!

It’s sad to see you go. I am a Lamigo fan and hope the team has made the right decision. No disrespect but your ERA of 2.963 (and W1L1) against the Lions (which is the main contender for the year end champion) is actually lower than Hammond (4.392, W3L6)….All the best for the future and please do come back and pitch for Lamigo next year if you can!

That upsets me too that I did well against the Lions, and thats who we are trying to play in the championship….I know I didnt throw well against left handed hitters, but the Lions have a lot of right handed hitters.

Dear Scot, Please keep working hard and we just want to let you know we appreciate your pitching during the time you were here for the Lamigo! I am sure with your ability you will soon be back in a uniform somewhere (even MLB or Japanese league!). We will continue to keep following your blog here no matter where you go so please do keep it going! All the best and hopefully we will see you again very soon somewhere (hopefully Lamigo again next year!).

I am fan of Lions but always enjoy following your blog. Your blog is so much fun and provide us another view to Taiwan. Even a friend of mine who is a fan of Elephants appreciate what you did both on the field and bolg.Certainly i will keep tracking your blog and hope you play well wherever you go.
Bless you!!

i will miss you😥

Dear Scot,
Thank you for your performence.
We all love baseball and enjoy your game.
Take care and keep going, hope you can back to TW for a trip next time.
We’ll miss you!🙂

I’m a Lamigo fan in Taiwan. It’s nice to follow your blog during this season. Although you can’t join other teams in two years, I hope the Monkeys can sign you back next year.

2000 views in one day on the blog. I am overwhelmed! You guys have all brightened my day that started out bad. Im going to keep working hard, and hope to be back in a uniform somewhere soon. Words can’t express all the kind words you have all written and shown with your support. Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH! Ill have a new blog up before I leave the country Tues/Wed

Nelson Figueroa & Jerome Williams are good example for you!!
Go MLB!!!!

Dude, I will remember you-Scot Drucker, the best baseball player on earth-for the rest of my life. From the day you arrived Taiwan, i keep read your twitter and blog;it is great to know, perhaps the first time for every baseball fan here in Taiwan, what baseball and Taiwan look like from the perspective of a foreigner. I got really dispoinjted by the news that you are going to leave Taiwan. I feel that we are like two old friends. I hope you will keep you good performance back in USA, and I know you will.
Good bye, dear Scot. >.<~~

Sorry, my English is not that good, words can not really express my thoughts.

Dear Mr Drucker:

It’s so sad to know that you are leaving Taiwan! Your blog is so interesting! Hope one day we will see you in CPBL pitching again~Keep on Going!!加油!!!
Thank You a lot for your contribution!!

Good luck Druck! ! See you soon.

杜拉克 我一直很喜歡看到你在球場上投球的樣子

以後看不到了 很可惜 ~”~ 希望你還可以來到台灣 ^^

Welcome to Taiwan, good luck.

Just when I learned there’s a Jewish ballplayer in Taiwan, with a home ballpark not far away from my place in Taoyuan’s Nankan, I see that you’re departing. Too bad. I do hope you make it back this way, and if so please get in touch.
Don Shapiro

Thanks for you in Lamigo~!
I love you~!

By Willy 勛~!

feel so sad that heard you were released…
you are really a nice baseball player, not only in the filed
must keeping writing your blog and baseball story!

theres no more request for your performances. you did so well in your pitching. you don’t keep playing in TW that doesn’t means you aren’t good enough. Maybe you wont come back in the future,just keep going! hope we could see you pitching on big league’s mound.
you are an ACE in our minds forever.

i wll miss you QQ

I feel sad to hear you just got releasing from Lamigo
Cause I think you are a outstanding foreign pitcher
And your blog is always full of funny things
Probably you are the first foreign player that has such interesting blog
You give us another prospective to see our country
Miss you scot ~~
Hope you can back !!!

You have been great against the Lions, too bad you can’t be here for the post season. If you do get the opportunity to play in Taiwan again, we’d love to see you back. If you don’t, Lamigo fans will keep an eye on your endeavours, hopefully we’ll catch you in the MLB.

Thank you!! I will miss you. I will still follow your blog! You are a great pitcher. I hope you can come back Taiwan next time!!

thank u for everything. we hope for see u next year. keep working hard. Well done in lamigo.

Do not join the Elephants.

You can try the Lions someday though. They own 7-11 Taiwan, Starbucks Taiwan, Mos-Burger Taiwan, Mister Donut Taiwan, pretty much any food related joint in Taiwan. They can pay a good buck.

And I think you’ve already seen how moronic the Elephants coaching can be.

Hope you’ll come back next season.

Time to give yourself time to process and develop a new game plan for the next step in your life.
Reading all the comments from the great fans in Taiwan reminds me why you are good for the game and fans of baseball.
You have helped build a new international bridge between fans and baseball that brings people together and makes the world a better place.
Be proud of the contributions you have made this season.
Looking forward to following the next steps you take in baseball, your career, and in life. Proud that you have always taken the high road in life and conducted yourself with dignity.
I have learned a lot about Taiwan, CPBL, and salute all the fans for their kindness and support.


Sorry to hear that you’re leaving Lamigo, leaving Taiwan. I do like the games you start, you’re always energetic and cute on the mound. I felt happy and cool while reading your blog before, but i feel sorry and sad this time:(

Hope you can come back to Taiwan in next season, see you then !

too sad..You are a nice player.離開台灣後 再繼續尋找你的棒球夢吧!往更高的殿堂邁進!加油!


you are a good pitcher THX

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